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Mount Taimu

Mount Taimu(太姥山)in Fuding (福鼎)was originally called tea mountain in China. When Emperor Yao(尧帝, 2356 – 2255 BC) was in power, a woman called Blue Lady lived there and grew “green grass”, a plant that had been used in extracting dye indigo since ancient times. She was generous in sharing with people the tea she made out of the plant, and she was loved by many. The tea was used as medicine for curing measles and treating diseases for children. Because of this, she was considered as a deity and was called Taimu (the Great Grand Mother). When the Emperor of Later Han Dynasty sent his men to survey famous mountains all over the country, this tea mountain was selected as the best amongst 36 in the country and it was renamed as Mount Taimu.

[原创]Edited translation by zenteaone.org from posting of The Five Petals Tea Hut.

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