Everyday Practice

Six Virtues of Tea

One ~ Becoming tea by letting go of the leaf upon meeting water ~ such is Generosity;

Two ~ Diffusing the frangance of leaf and tea like burning incense ~ such is Upholding the Precepts;

Three ~ Tolerating to be roasted and fermented, pressed and rubbed ~ such is Forbearance;

Four ~ Eliminating lethargy and elevating energy, awakening the body and aiding clear thinking ~ such is Diligence;

Five ~ Harmony, reverence, and serenity, just like tasting of the tea ~ such is concentrated Meditation;

Six ~ Using tea as an expedient means in helping countless sentient beings ~ such is Wisdom.

The Dharma is IN the tea.

The mind of tea and the Mind of the Buddhas, are they different, or the same?

[原创]Edited translation by zenteaone.org from posting of The Five Petals Tea Hut.