Zen Teachings

True Chan

“True Chan (Zen in Japanese) cultivation is within our everyday life. Tireless discourses of the Patriarchs and the millions of words in Buddhist scriptures are there to remind us that at all times we must constantly introspect and contemplate to address the ignorance and defilements within us.”

~ * ~

“Settling peacefully in the present moment is to allow our mental state to become highly focused within the here and now. Every mental instance that settles peacefully in the present moment is devoid of thoughts for the past and the future, has no abidance in present, and is without discrimination of one mental instance from another. To be able to do this is to be at one with Buddha.”

~ * ~

“Instead of nothingness, ‘Emptiness’ actually means breakthrough, transcendence, development and transformation. ‘Emptiness’ is not the annihilation of something but continuous transcendence. Emptiness of mind does not mean discarding the mind but to have it emptied of delusive thoughts and attachments induced by cognitive and emotional discriminations at each present moment. Once the mind is emptied of delusive thoughts and attachments, the luminosity of its primordial nature would instantly manifest.”

(From Pure Insight–108 Quotations from Chan Master Jing Hui, translated by W. Y. Ho)

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