Everyday Practice

A Good Companion

A cup of tea — It’s a good companion when we are enjoying the company of friends, and also during those quiet moments when we wish to be alone.

The simplicity of getting together with others to enjoy a cup of tea has appealed to people through the generations. By enjoying tea together, we take time from our busy lives to connect, to share the experience of the tea and each other; things slow down for a while. Whether we’ve known someone for twenty years, or are meeting them for the first time, drinking tea together can help us to connect. Tea can also be a comforting and nurturing beverage at those times when we are alone.

In tea meditation groups, we learn how to drink tea mindfully. This is a method of focusing and deepening our awareness, one that we can then bring into other areas of daily life.

~ D. Holt of the Tea Meditation group

Meeting with Friends at Tea