茶 禪 一 味

“Tea utensils are considered to be utensils having an awakened mind of purity, free from twisted thoughts and greed. Handling this pure and unadulterated mind as a utensil is Tea with the workings of Zen.”

~ The One Taste of Truth ~

As a group of like-minded people doing quiet “tea meditation” together in a peaceful and joyful environment, we believe such a practice is for everyone and all are welcome to join. There are also handcraft, calligraphy, incense, as well as other inspiring and fun activities for practicing mindfulness and enriching one’s life.

  • To me, drinking tea becomes a doorway into the present moment and thus a passage into Chan (Zen) practice.” ~ Sebastian
  • “Coming into a quiet space, seeing the beautifully-prepared table with the tea pot, the lovely little cups, and all the accessories for brewing tea and offering it is a feast for the eyes. I experience it as a warm invitation to set aside other things and to simply be present, as mindfully as possible. The forms of the tea preparation, the offering and the receiving, are simple yet profound. “ ~ D. Holt
  • The moment my hand reaches out for the filled cup of tea, my mind is in a place of total peace and quiet. The stillness manifested into a simple movement. To drink.” ~ Z. W. Price
  • “What a joy! I would never have imagined there was so much to learn in this simple tea meditation together. It has been a deeply meaningful way of being together as Sangha. It has been a very helpful way of practicing mindfulness together.” ~ Rev. D.
  • “You’ve opened up a world for me. I’m starting to drink tea (in a mindful way mostly), on a regular basis and found one tea that seems to be altering my health and perception in a small but significant way.” ~ H. Schatz