White Tea with Red Dates

You might have heard about some efficacy and function of aged white tea. For example, flavonoids in tea have the effects of reducing blood lipid, lowering blood pressure, oxidation resistance, anti-aging, cosmetology, anti-cancer, etc.; theanine in tea has the functions of protecting nerves, calming and regulating emotions, improving memory, resisting tumor, protecting liver, lowering blood sugar, resisting fatigue, resisting virus and so on; caffeine in tea has diuresis, detumescence, detoxification and other effects; and Vitamin C and E in tea have special functions in radiation prevention. Do you know about white tea with red dates?

In slowly boiling aged white tea, adding a few red dates not only enhances the flavor of tea, but also, because the warming and blood enriching effects of red dates, the combination of the two is helpful in nourishing the stomach and vital energy (“qi” in Chinese medicine).

Simple steps for making white tea with red dates: Take 5 grams of aged white tea, 3 dried Chinese red dates (put them into a filter tea bag, if you like.) Boil the water and wash the tea. Fill seventy percent of the tea pot with mineral or spring water, bring the water to a fast boil, and put the tea and red dates into the teapot. After boiling with high heat, turn to medium and low heat and slowly boil for about 4 minutes before serving the first pot of tea.The second pot can be boiled for about 6 minutes, and the third pot for about 8 minutes.

Some of the potential benefits of drinking aged white tea with red dates include: 

  • For people who tend to have cold hands and feet, it may help improve the circulation and warm up the body for a whole day, providing some relief.In winter, it can be helpful in moisturizing the throat and preventing or minimizing wind-cold coughs, reducing throat inflammation or phlegm. 
  • Adding red dates to aged white tea may help warm and moisten the intestinal tract, helpful in relieving diarrhea or improving chronic diarrhea and dysentery experienced by some people, especially during the winter months.
  • Red dates are rich in carotene and vitamin groups that are necessary for promoting eye health. Combined with aged white tea, red dates promote health liver function and may improve eyesight, or slow vision decline. 
  • Aged white tea prepared with red dates may inhibit facial melanin, removing or fading spots on the face. Regular tea consumption may also help remove or minimize wrinkles and slow down the skin aging process, and clarify skin by removing or reducing acne and pimples.
  • When combined with good oral care, it may also help to reduce gum inflammation, promote firming up of gum tissue, and prevent premature aging of teeth. 

There are more health benefits to be discovered as more and more people enrich their drinking experiences of tea. Enjoy!

[原创]Edited translation by zenteaone.org from posting of The Five Petals Tea Hut.